About Tony Dovale – High Performance #AdaptAgility Success Coach


Tony Dovale is a modern-day ALCHEMIST, Speaker, Activator (Coach++) and High Performance Leadership Facilitator. See www.tonydovalespeaks.com

With a passion and extensive expertise in Personal Mastery, Coaching and Personal Transformation The Action Advantage project is the culmination of a long held dream to give people, WHO ARE READY, a simple proven…SET-BY-STEP AdaptAgility system to ENSURE their future & SUCCESS.

A platform to learn, grow, achieve, add value and earn. A platform where meaningful involvement is a powerful movement towards taking massive SWIFT ACTION with integrity.


The Problem until now…

  • 90% of people cannot afford to retire by the age of 65
  • 40%-50% of workers hate doing to work on Monday. or any day for that matter.
  • 70% of people are surviving and not THRIVING
  • There a few REALLY great role models to follow in South Africa.
  • Most people have no idea of what or how or where to take their next steps
  • The challenge is growing daily

Success Activation is a powerful solution for ensuring success but its too EXPENSIVE for average Jane & Joe.

Success Activation goes way beyond coaching. With Average life coaching sessions costing around R1800 – 2800 per month and business coaching sessions averaging out at around R6,000-R8000 per month – most people just do not have the spare resources to invest in themselves. .. even though they know, self development is vital for ensuring their future.