Why do 95% of people never take action to Succeed fully in life?

Stop and think for a moment… What is 1 action, you know you should take, but have not taken yet? Choose an action that could change your life for this example.

So why have you not taken the action. because if you understand exactly WHY, you can begin to shift your results.

Here are some of my BEST excuses for not having taken the required or valuable actions.


  • not enough time… Yea right!
  • not enough money
  • not enough energy
  • not enough focus
  • I don’t know exactly what to do
  • too lazy
  • requires too much effort
  • busy with other stuff right now
  • it’s too hard
  • I can’t
  • I need help first… Don’t we all!
  • other stuff is more important right now
  • Iim not in the right mood
  • I can’t make it happen
  • too big for me
  • scared of failing
  • don’t know where or how to (could you find out if your life depended on it?)

These are just a few of the lame excuses I could muster as I sat waiting whilst my better more energetic half, ran 10 km spar women’s race early on a cool Sunday morning.Research of heart attach survivors reveals that even though the doctor gives life saving guidance for patients to alter their lifestyle, almost 90% of them will go back to their old habits!

90% will go back to the destructive and stooped lifestyle that almost got them killed in the first place! How dumb is that? Why do it when you know it’s extremely bad for your health.

Is it that they don’t care? Or is it that they are not in CONTROL? If they are not in control… Then WHO is in control? Hmmm!

So lets get radically honest here. People talk about their values.. But he reality is.. Not what we say… It’s clear what our driving values are by what we actually DO!

So… What is, or who is holding you back for making the irrevocable decisions and then taking the requisite actions to achieve your dreams and goals?

When you know the TRUTH to that question, you can begin to resolve the challenges. We all love to blame some outside influence. We like to say OTHERS MAKE us …. Angry…. But that is a lie. If we ware awake enough and took the time to become conscious enough, we would discover that we are the WIZARD. We are in fact the one who MAKE ourselves angry (reaction) at some stimulus.

We are the master of the internal weather… Only if we are conscious and ware. The reality is that 90% of the planet is “asleep” at the wheel of their lives. It’s easier to blame and shame others that it is to look in the radical honesty mirror and own the issues.

If we did that we’d have to step up and be accountable. Who wants to do that? Most don’t want to and never will!

You can be different. You can be the minority who are conscious, powerful and proactive. You can… But will you? Your life reveals your truth.

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