What is Evolutive Management?


Evolutive Management (EM) is a management code of practice, or framework, which embeds the underlying working practices and culture required by organisations today.

It is based on the realisation that success, in today’s norm of frequent change and uncertainty, demands evolutive capabilities – the ability to embrace and leverage change and evolve proactively.  It does this by enhancing organisation agility, execution and efficiency.

Evolutive Management gives organisations:

  • The capability to execute swiftly, as one, to challenges and changes in strategy or direction
  • An ability to keep ahead of the rest by proactively evolving and leveraging change
  • Enhanced performance through effective cross-boundary working and collaboration
  • Sustained efficiency and cost management through the continued maintenance of appropriate, effective and pragmatic working practices
  • Gains from enhanced employee innovation and creativeness, without compromising compliance

EM does not change or dictate the primary methods or processes an organisation adopts, such as its strategy or planning methodologies, or its efficiency mechanisms – such as Six Sigma or Lean.

Neither does the initiative dictate strategy content or priorities. One way to view EM is as the underlying management framework upon which these primary methods or practices rest. Its purpose is to cause these primary methods and practises to be applied in a way which will enable the organisation to thrive in today’s environment of change, uncertainty and turbulence. However, as the underlying management framework,

EM will quickly expose any inappropriate or ineffective primary methods, direction, or working practices. This is just one example of how EM enables an organisation to evolve proactively with change and turbulence.

EM achieves this by:

  • Hardwiring the actions of every employee to the organisation’s strategy and direction
  • Driving relentless execution throughout the organisation
  • Making every employee transparently accountable and responsible for their contribution to the company’s performance
  • Installing the capability to speedily expose and address emerging and potential constraints and opportunities
  • Assigning ownership of working practices to ensure that they always remain appropriate, pragmatic and effective
  • Aligning employee appraisals to their actual contribution to organisation performance and enables objective, evidence based assessment.
  • Enabling managers to assess execution, strategy compliance and constraint management in real time
  • Making the employee performance review process valued by management and employees and an effective instrument in performance development

EM working practices certainly give organisations the capability to operate successfully and capitalise on change and turbulence. However, possibly its most unique contribution to management today, is the use of transparent accountability to embed these evolutive practices in the workplace.

In an EM organisation, managers and their direct reports are held jointly accountable for their actions and decisions in meeting performance expectations. It is for example, very difficult to hide or spin accountability for performance related bad news.

The focus on accountability and the maintenance of appropriate working practices leads to a strong sense of pragmatism and realism. Another gain is the removal of unnecessary bureaucracy in process management through the EM method of Principles and Laws. This changes the whole way policies and processes are perceived and applied, and so creates the right balance between control, empowerment and flexibility. It enables for example, a form of governance that does constrain employee initiative, innovation or creativity.

The uncertainty and turbulence emanating from frequent change is now an accepted feature of the world today. There is no evidence that the demographic, technology and economic features initiating these global conditions will do anything other than continue to escalate. Current and future survival and success, both in the public and private sectors, requires a different type of organisation than that of the last century – one that is evolutive. EM is the means to transform to this new type of company. Evoluti Research is the route to effective Evolutive Management.

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