Join Tony Dovale of LifeMasters on his Action Advantage Success Activator! Special

@Sales, Persuasion, Negotiation, Speaking & Branding Mastery

Join with Tony to experience International Experts JT Foxx & Wayne Root in SA 

3 Day Super SPECIAL : Cost R21,000+
Value is immeasurable  I have already paid this!
Cash Special :
R1,995 per person
R3,395*  +Bring a partner
or 4 people for R4,495 total.**

tony dovale keynote speaker   - the Activator!


For the one and only time, You can learn the secrets of their success – all revealed in a 3 day info packed experience in Johannesburg in October 14th-16th 2013. Only for new participants who have not attended JT Foxx before.

r1 Wayne Root (Presidential Candidate) – Branding & Awareness Building


 Day 1: Branding, Promotions & Awareness BuildingWayneRoot

Discover the strategies, steps, and secrets of building and positioning your brand to dominate your market.  Understand what it takes to build awareness, credibility, visibility and top-of-mind positioning in your customers, clients and prospects’ minds.  Get to understand the power of relentless persistence with media, promotion and positioning yourself and / or your organization for greatest profits and potential business visibility.

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r2  Jt Foxx : International Performance Expert & #1 Super Coach

Day 2: Speaking & Persuasion Secrets

Upgrade your speaking skills, impact and persuasion effectiveness. Learn how to present with pizazz. Learn the secrets and strategies to impart knowledge and information more effectively to your audience. Discover how to reduce your anxiety & nervousness. Understand whats most important when presenting and persuading clients, prospects and audiences to transform your effectiveness and impact.

Day3: JT Foxx – Sales, Closing Skills & Negotiation

JT Foxx had done millions of dollars in deals across the globe.  This covers property, buying and selling businesses, big business development etc.. He has negotiated in millions of dollars as he built his business empire in just 7 years. Learn his secret strategies, insights, understanding and mindsets that drive his successes in major countries across the globe.

After this you will be a super star sales negotiator and closer. Learn how to close almost any sale, with anybody. Just this alone can transform your future.

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**Plus FREE Value from Tony Dovale: The Success Activator! …valued @R22,375*ad suite head1

Learning is one thing… Applying what you learn is a whole other story.  With more than 35 years of hands on wisdom, Tony has designed The Success Activator! a revolutionary Results and Success Ensurance System that will fast-track your growth, development, and actions to create a bullet-proof mind and massive action, for inner and outer success and long-term Happiness. You will get:

  • Tony’s forthcoming  Book (Download) The Activator! 100% Success Ensurance System

The Activator!: 100% Success Ensurance will be available for download by attendees for a limited time Value R375

  • Free 60 Minute Transformational Talk/Executive Briefing Value R22,000** (For companies who book & Pay 4 or more seats)

**Any group/ company that books and pays for 4 or more seats will be eligible for this offer –  1 Hour keynote talk/ executive briefing/ staff motivational Talk* on Creating  a High Performance Team or organization for more successful results. **This is only  for bookings of 4 or more – Travel fees may apply.

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This is a once in a life-time offer as JT Fox never shares his private strategies to build his massive success with anyone.

After 35 Years of development, testing and tweaking, Tony Dovale will be releasing his Success Activators! Action Advantage Book and Success Ensurance Model for the first time in South Africa.


To book your seats contact Tony Dovale on 083-447-6300 or email FoxxDovale@coachfree.com


* travel fees may apply outside of Johannesburg