Learn to be a Successful Action-Advantage Results Activator


Learn to Coach, Activate potential, and to EARN…

Learning to become a coach can be EXPENSIVE — anything from R8,000 to R60,000 per training!

I know because I have spent and invested a few hundreds of thousands in coaching, self-development, sales, leadership, change etc.

Learn to be a coach

Learn to be a coach


Nibble Knowledge Based Coach & Results Activator Training

When you join our Team and become an Action Advantage Results Activator member you begin your journey of incrementally growing your OWN COACHING & Results Activator SKILLS and COMPETENCE to become an active and Successful Results Activator for minimal cost.

As you are being coached and Successfully Activated by your own Results Activator along your pathway to ENSURE success, you will have access to regular, nibble knowledge Successful Coaching 101 lessons that will INCREMENTALLY and steadily enhance your coaching and Results Activator skills, and your ability to Successfully Activate others.

Then, once you have completed sufficient phases of the initial TAA Results Activation & coaching map, you will be allowed to become an apprentice Results Activator & coach… because the best way to learn coaching and how to be an effective Results Activator is in small, digestible and memorable chunks-of-knowledge (Nibble Knowledge) and then a have place where you can teach, practice and explore using your new coaching and Results Activator skills.

The Results Activator Coaching Education Process

Structured lesson training content will provide you with:

  • Video Coaching Lessons
  • Audio Coaching Podcasts
  • Print PDF/PPT/Doc Lesson content.
  • Possible Live Events

This will be a safe, simple – incremental step-by-step system to build your coaching and Results Activator skills set.. so you can BECOME A Powerful Results Activator & COACH and Activate others.

We will be constantly expanding our coaching resources and Results Activator Effectiveness, and collaborating with Expert Activators and accrediting organizations. Stay in touch to see more.


Let us know if you are interested in taking your success to the next level….tellmemore