Beyond motivational speakers speaking training & coaching


Are you looking to learn how to to become an inspiring motivational and business speaker?

There is a big shortage of good business speakers in South Africa right now?

Are you ready to step up and change the world, motivate and inspire listeners, shift mindsets?

The are a lot of speakers in South Africa, who do a great job. They earn nice money, but they are the wrong “culture”, if you know what i mean?

Learning to become a professional speaker is not easy! Many speakers have spent many years working hard to get their knowledge, skills, abilities, connections and secrets. They are not willing to share these with competition?

For the fist time, you are now able to learn the secrets, strategies and speaking business from a-z.
I know quite a few speakers, and when I ask them for just 1 hour of their time, to get a few tips and guidelines, everyone of them is too “busy”.

So I have decided to open up and coach everything that I know, and have, relating to professional speaking and selling from the stage. This is your opportunity to gain over R500,000 worth of skills, knowledge, for just 15%, of what it cost me? Plus I will train, coach and guide you to
Accelerate your growth and development in the shortest possible time, in 2×2 day immersion accelerated success ensurance workshops.

You will also have your own domain and website live by the time you leave.

If you are ready to become a powerful, inspiring, motivational speaker, business speaker or presenter, call me now on 083-447-6300.

Because of the intensity and personal attention I have to limit the numbers to a max of 8 people