The Action Advantage Success Ensurance Network

Research shows that 85% of people never achieve their dreams!

More specifically… by the time they reach 60 they CANNOT afford to retire. Nor do they have any financial foundation for the remaining 20-30 years of their lives!

  • 75% of people never reach or use their full potential! How about you?
  • How much do you spend on INSURANCE to protect your stuff?
  • How much do you invest to ENSURE your successful Future?
The Action Advantage Success Ensurance System Is Success ENSURANCE that pays you back.


The Problem for most people until now…

  • 90% of people cannot afford to retire by the age of 65
  • 40%-50% of workers hate  doing to work on Monday. or any day for that matter.
  • 70% of people are surviving and not THRIVING
  • There a few REALLY great role models to follow in South Africa.
  • Most people have no idea of what or how or where to take their next steps
  • The challenge is growing daily

Coaching is a powerful solution for ensuring success but its too EXPENSIVE for average Jane & Joe. 

With Average life coaching sessions costing around R1800 – 2800 per month and business coaching sessions averaging out at around R6,000-R8000 per month  – most people just do not have the spare resources to invest in themselves. .. even though they know, self development is vital for ensuring their future.

We have a safe, simple solution   anyone can follow – Step-by-Step. – to gain the Action Advantage


1. Get yourself a coach –

Instead of paying  a coach R3000-R4000 / month you can have a Action Advantage Peer Coach for R400 per month

2. Learn how to become a coach

Instead of paying 30,000 plus for training to become a coach – Learn & earn on an incremental path.

3. Become a coach and Pay it Forward

Instead of just selfishly looking after #1 – add more meaning to your life and legacy. Pat it forward, Earn and learn. Share your wisdom and empower other to follow your role model and results.