TAASEN – Action Advantage Stages Details

Are you ready to wake up, step up, and take action to transform your future and destiny by becoming an Action Advantage Leader?

If you are ready to become an active participant in the 10% team.. then read on….

We have 3 distinct sets of value in the Action Advantage success Ensurance system


  1. Get a Coach (invest in yourself & your ENSURE a brighter future)

    1. Intention 1:  NeedWantology – help people uncover their real  needs, wants, hopes and dreams
    2. Intention 2: Clarify Focus and Goals
    3. Intention 3: Design Action Plan to

i.      reduce debt

ii.       increase income

iii.      Build Psychological Capital: Leadership, Resilience, Happiness, Health, hope

iv.      Build self esteem, self confidence  & efficacy

v.      Clarify own goals


  1. Intention 4: Coach to Action & achievement


2.     Learn to become a Coach

a.       Nibble Knowledge to learn to be an Action Advantage Results Coach

          i.      Incremental Coach Training

      1. Videos
      2. Audios
      3. Print

b.      Learn from your Coach

                  1. Workshops
2. Learn By Experiencing

         c.       80 sessions of Nibble Knowledge Coaching Education

i.   Certificate of Completion

3.     Become a Coach

a.       Pay it Forward – Become an Action Advantage Results  Coach

1. Take on your own Paying clients

2. Earn from TAAR Coaching system

3. Coach to Coach – become a coach of coaches