Join our Movement / Tribe to SWIFT ACTION
System – Benefits  & Levels.


r1  Get an Activator (Coach++) to Ensure Your Success  (invest in yourself & your future)


    • Intention 1:  NeedWantology – help people uncover their real  needs, wants, hopes and dreams
    • Intention 2: Clarify Focus and Goals
    • Intention 3: Design Action Plan to:

i.     Reduce debt
ii.     Increase income
iii.    Build Psychological Capital: Leadership, Resilience, Happiness, Health & Hope
iv.    Build self esteem, self confidence  & efficacy
v.     Clarify goals


  1. Intention 4: Coach  and Activate Action & Achievement


r2   Learn to Coach/Become a Results Activator


  1. a.       Nibble Knowledge to learn to be an Action Advantage Results Activator
  2. b.      Learn from your Activator Coach

               i.      Incremental Activator & Coach Training

  1. Video
  2. Audio
  3. Print

ii.      Workshops

  1. c.       80 sessions of Nibble Knowledge Education

i.      Certificate of Completion

r3   Be an ACTIVATOR


  1. a.       Pay it Forward – Become an Action Advantage Results  Coach
  2. Take on your own clients
  3. Earn from Success Activator Coaching & Ensurance



Levels of The Action Advantage Successful Results Activator Process

  • Adventurer – free trial
  • Apprentice –  Coachee Activator
  • Aspirer – Successful Achiever & Student Activator
  • Achiever – TAA Certified Successful Activator
  • Advocate  – Coach to Activate & Coach/Presenters
  • Activator – Full Successful Results Activator Accreditation
  • Alchemist – Master Activator & Facilitator/Speaker