The core of this system is to GROW you as a person. To build PSYCHOLOGICAL CAPITAL… so you become a MENTAL Millionaire and then… the physical stuff will follow.

Most people are living in REVERSE!!

The problem is 90% of people don’t understand this wisdom. Most people are not happy, healthy or wealthy… because they don’t ACT or THINK  or SEE. like millionaires. They are WAITING for” it” to HAPPEN to them FISRST before they will shift their mindsets, attitudes and actions. This is a COMPLETE REVERSAL of how life actually works.

We have designed the Action Advantage Success Ensurance System to be a simple, easy to follow, step by step process, that ANYONE with some commitment and part time effort can handle.

Your TAASEN Adventure stages.

Each incremental level is achieved as the adventure continues to climb to higher levels of action, chievement, results and meaning.

  • Adventurer – Free trial – 14 days explore possibility to see if you are truly ready to step up.
  • Apprentice – Coachee – starting the adventure
  • Aspirer – Successful Achiever & student coach
  • Achiever – TAA Certified coach – +(protect Yourself & Group Negotiation program)
  • Advocate  – Coach to Coach/Presenters
  • Alchemist – Master Coach & Facilitator/Speaker (Rabbit Hole guide)


By the time you are at the Advocate level – you will need to be fast on your way to becoming a happy, healthy, MILLIONAIRE.